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Are you looking for extra storage space for camping or hunting?


Get the best, get LEER.

LEER truck caps are the perfect way to turn your pickup truck into a versatile, all-purpose vehicle. And AK Bedliners is an Authorized Dealer in Alaska!

LEER Caps and Tonneau Covers: AK Bedliners

LEER Custom-Fit Caps and Toppers

Take your Alaska adventures

to the next level

LEER truck caps are the industry-leading provider of high-quality truck caps and toppers. Designed for smooth integration with your trucks body lines, most LEER units come with screened, side sliding windows, sturdy gates with lockable T-handles. A front fixed window and high mount 3rd brake light for added safety! Store your fishing rods with ease. Taking the aluminum boat along? Roof racks available along the top for easy access. Camping supplies safe from grueling weather. Hunting? Transport weapons and trophies securely.

AK Bedliners offers a wide variety of LEER truck caps to choose from.




Turn your Pickup Truck into a Versatile, All-Purpose Vehicle.

Thousands have already trusted AK Bedliners

Featuring PPG Painted finish, fixed front window, tinted glass package. (70/30 “twist out” style side windows and tailgate) Frameless O.E.M curved side windows, interior carpeting, 12 volt interior light, brake light, gas props, double t-handles. Honeycomb reinforced roof for maximum strength.

Heavy duty fiberglass shell and bottom flange construction. LEER has you covered whether you're in Anchorage or the North Slope! AK Bedliners offers a wide variety of LEER truck caps to choose from so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Don't go another day without a LEER Truck Cap on your pickup truck!

LEER has the Perfect Truck Cap for You

LEER is an industry leader dedicated to building and supplying the highest quality truck caps and toppers that appeal to the informed buyer. LEER caps are custom built for your pickup truck, providing you with a variety of options to tailor the canopy to fit your needs. LEER shells and toppers provide extra protection for your pickup truck's cab, and are available in a variety of finishes to match your truck. LEER is the most trusted name in Alaska for pickup truck covers, and offers a variety of accessories to customize your cover. Contact AK Bedliners today to find the perfect cover for your pickup truck!

Heavy Duty Fiberglass Shell

Carpeting & 12 Volt Interior Light

Bottom Flange Construction

Alaska Bedliners: A+ Rating from the BBB

Alaska bedliners

Alaska Bedliners is the top-rated bed liner company in Alaska, and for good reason. We take pride in our work and always strive to do the job the right the first time. Our attention to detail and determination to capture our customers' confidence has earned us an A+ rating with the BBB and top ranking with online reviews and ratings. We're excited to offer the highest level of customer service in our industry, and we're always available to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you protect your investment. Thanks for choosing Alaska Bedliners!


Original LEER Truck Canopies

where innovation meets function!


Easy No-Drill Installation

Expertly installed by AK Bedliners to fit your specific pickup truck model. The easy on-and-off design provides unbeatable convenience.


Weather Resistant Fiberglass

LEER's heavy duty weather resistant fiberglass shell is perfect for anyone who wants style and functionality in their pickup truck.


The Highest Quality and Design

PPG Painted finish, fixed front window, tinted glass package. (70/30 “twist out” style side windows and tailgate) double t-handles, and more.


Security and Protection

LEER caps protect your tools and gear from the weather, while also providing an extra layer of security and privacy.


Roof Racks Increase Capacity

For even more capacity, LEER offers ALU-Racks, Yakima roof racks, and standard roof racks on their caps and toppers.


Optional Camping Package

For those who like to camp or hunt, LEER offers a camping package that includes interior carpeting, 12 volt interior lights, and gas props.


At AK Bedliners, we appreciate our customers and are always looking for ways to show it. That's why we're happy to offer a $50 discount on your next spray bedliner, trailer hitch, tonneau cover, or Leer canopy when you refer a friend to our business. It's our way of saying thank you for spreading the word. And there's no limit to how many times you can take advantage of this offer. Because we know that word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising, and we want to reward our loyal tribe as much as possible. So if you're satisfied with our products and services, start referring your friends today and save on your next purchase from AK Bedliners!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install my LEER cap by myself?

LEER only authorizes and warrants installations done by Authorized LEER Dealers, like AK Bedliners. Proper installation, wiring, and adjustments are best done by trained, experienced personnel. Professional installation by AK Bedliners is a wise investment in the performance, appearance, and safety of your LEER product.

What are the inside and outside dimensions of the truck cap I am planning to buy?

In general, our 'cab-high' caps follow the height of the truck cab and continue rearward at that height, parallel to the truck bed rails. Our Model 180/180CC adds about 4". Model 122 heights vary. Please view individual product pages or contact AK Bedliners for additional information. Our dimensions are only one factor in the overall height of your truck, however. Also be aware of the suspension system, the weight of the load in truck, the size of tires, etc. PLEASE TAKE CARE to consider the overall height of your vehicle BEFORE you enter any garage, parking facility, drive-through, underpass or other area with limited clearance.

How to measure your truck bed.

In order to ensure a proper fit, please measure your truck bed prior to purchasing your new LEER canopy.

1. Place the end of your measuring tape at the bulkhead of your truck bed.

2. Moving down your bed rail, measure to the inside edge of the top of your tailgate.

3. Most truck manufacturers round their bed sizes, so choose the option in the fitment bar that is closest to your measurement.

Do you have inventories of truck caps or toppers on hand?

Virtually all of our production is "custom-ordered" to perfectly match each customer's truck. Because of the huge number of potential sizes, styles, models, and colors of products we offer, LEER maintains virtually no inventory of unsold products at our factories. AK Bedliners often does have some inventory on hand, generally concentrating on the most popular truck models, bed sizes, and colors. If you are looking for an in-stock product, contact us today.

I lost the keys to my truck cap and the locksmith says he can't replace them. Help!

Contact us, as we can sometimes provide a replacement set of keys on-the-spot. If we don't have the keys you need, we will contact LEER on your behalf. If your lock is one currently in production, LEER will send us a set of keys. If your lock is no longer in production, AK Bedliners will have to replace the lock itself.

I want to sell my truck cap and need to know what other makes/models/years of trucks it will fit.

Although dimensions appear to be similar for many truck models, most LEER molds will only fit the make/model/style of truck they were originally designed for. In many cases, a particular truck style is in production for several years with virtually no change, and a cap will fit any model year during the run of a particular body style. Beyond that, dimensions, angles, clearances, heights, and styling details are varied enough that it is unlikely that any cap can "cross over" from one truck to another. If you want to pursue it, we recommend a trial fit on the truck.

I see differences between the LEER products sold in different parts of the country. Why is this?

LEER utilizes three factories (located in Milton, PA; Elkhart, IN; and Woodland, CA) to produce its fiberglass truck caps and tonneaus. Each factory uses its own sets of molds and buys local parts and assemblies when possible. Each is also able to make subtle variations that suit the region of the country where their products are sold. Of course, the major features, styling, warranty and quality of LEER products all meet the same high standards no matter where they are produced.

I lost the LEER logo on my truck cap. How can I replace it?

Check with us, as we often have logos on hand and can get them to you quickly. If we do not have the logo you need in stock, you can also email LEER directly with your request and they can assist you. Make sure you include your street address in your email. Wherever possible, LEER replaces logos as a courtesy to their customers.

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